FAQ's (Strathroy Minor Lacrosse)



Q:  What is Box Lacrosse and how do you play it?

A:  Box lacrosse is played inside, on an arena floor after the hockey season has finished and the ice has been removed. Each player carries a lacrosse stick, and attempts to run, pass and shoot a lacrosse ball past an opposing goalie into the other teams' net.

Each team has 5 players and a goalie on the floor at one time.  Each team tries to score the lacrosse ball into the opponents net for a single point.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.  Lacrosse plays very similar to basketball with a very distinctive offensive and defensive component.  The sport utilizes shot clocks, and each team has 30 seconds to take a shot on the opposing goalie or lose possession of the ball.  Please visit the below links to view some box lacrosse highlights;


Box Lacrosse Highlights 1


Box Lacrosse Highlights 2


Box Lacrosse Highlights 3

Q:  Why play box lacrosse?

A:  Please see our Why Lacrosse? link.


Q:  Is there a physical component to box lacrosse?

A:  Yes.  Body checking, cross checking, slashing and picks are techniques used in lacrosse.  Unlike hockey, these techniques are taught and utilized at all age groups and levels across lacrosse.  There are strict regulations governing how each component is utilized.  There is zero tolerance for hitting from behind or head/neck shots.  Players are constantly encouraged to play lacrosse with their heads up.


Q:  Do you keep score at lacrosse games?

A:  Absolutely, unlike soccer we keep score at the Tyke, Novice, Pee Wee, and Bantam levels.  It is important for kids to learn how to win and lose.  Also, all competitive lacrosse teams are ranked throughout the province.  Therefore, goals for and against are an integral part of the ranking format. 


Q:  What type of equipment is required to play box lacrosse?

A:  Please visit the Ontario Lacrosse Association link for LAX Equipment requirements. Certain pieces of hockey equipment can be used for lacrosse, however, it is recommended that players use lacrosse specific gear.  Lacrosse packages including gloves, kidney pads and arm guards can be purchased at a reasonable price.


Q:  How many teams does the SMLA offer?

A:  Depending on our numbers and interest, we want to offer as many teams as possible.  We currently offer Travel teams at Paper Weight, U9, U11, U13 and U15. The overall number of SMLA teams depends on interest and player registration. Please visit our Registration tab for more details.

Q:  Do we offer House League teams?

A:  No.  We currently do not offer House League teams.  The closest House League lacrosse is located in London via the London Blue Devils.


Q:  Can my son or daughter play Travel Lacrosse for SMLA having never played before?

A:  Yes, absolutely. First-time players at any age can pick-up the sport very quickly.  Your son or daughter can easily step in and play Travel Lacrosse with the Strathroy Screaming Eagles. We are always looking to expand with new players.


Q:  How competitive are our Strathroy teams?

A:  Every Travel lacrosse team in the province of Ontario is ranked according to their competitiveness. SMLA attempts to schedule games and tournaments with similarly ranked teams.  Please visit the link below to view the LAX rankings for 2023.


2023 LAX Rankings


Q:  Are there boundaries for players and their respective LAX association?

A:  Yes.  There are association boundaries and they function similar to hockey. Players are required to register and play for their home association.  SMLA is a non-release center. Please visit our Association Boundaries section under our Registration Tab for complete details.


Q:  Will there be a selection process for Travel teams?

A:  Possibly?  Depending on how many players register and how many teams SMLA offers. This is subject to change as per the SMLA Board and coaching staff.  We try to accommodate all players who register, but depending on the number of players and teams, there may be a selection process. If players are released from a Strathroy Travel team, full refunds will be issued and that player has the option to register and play with a neighboring association or House League Lacrosse with the London Blue Devils.


Q:  How can my child prepare for lacrosse this spring?

A:  New players can practice the basic skills at home with their lacrosse stick - catching, throwing, and cradling the ball.  "Wall ball", "rebounders" or catch with a parent can help develop essential skills to succeed at lacrosse.  "Cradle Babies" or similar homemade devices can help with controlling and cradling the ball while moving.


Q:  Will there be camps prior to the start of the season?

A:  Possibly. Please visit our LAX Camp for more details. 


Q:  How is the league administered?

A:  We are administered by the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) and are part of Zone 7.  Zone 7 is comprised of 4 other associations, the London Blue Devils, the Sarnia Pacers, the Wallaceburg Griffins, and the Windsor Warlocks.


Q:  Who do the Screaming Eagles play and how much travel is involved for our Travel Teams?

A:  The  majority of our season games will be played against Zone 7 teams which include London, Sarnia, Wallaceburg, and Windsor.  We travel further for tournaments and the Provincials. Please refer to our association schedule for more details.



Q:  Do the Screaming Eagles partake in any tournaments?

A:  Yes.  Every Travel team needs to participate in one sanctioned tournament to be eligible for the Provincial Tournament at the end of the season. Tournament participation and selection will be a decision made by the team's coaching staff and the SMLA Board.


Q:  What are the Provincials?

A:  The LAX Provincials are a massive year-end tournament, held in Whitby, Ontario  during the first week of August.  Every Travel team in the province is invited and grouped with 16 similarly ranked teams based on their LAX rankings.  This tournament is fantastic and a must for all Travel teams as there are no Zone play-offs.  This is the biggest Minor Lacrosse Tournament in the world.


Q:  How long is the Travel season?

A:  Practices may start in April (depending on the arena ice).  Games will begin in May and continue through June and July.  The season ends the first week of August after the Provincials. Plan to play approximately 20 games during the entire season. Your coaching staff will have an impact on how many games your team will play.

Q:  Will there be any additional player fees?

A:  There may be additional team fees.  Potential team fees will cover additional tournaments, extra floor time , equipment and apparel. This will be a decision made by your team's coaching staff.


Q:  How can I help?

A:  Through sponsorships or volunteering as a coach, manager, trainer or board member.


Q:  Does the SMLA need volunteer coaching staff?

A:   YES! We need parents to volunteer as coaches and bench staff.  Without volunteer coaches and bench staff we can not field teams. We have provided coaching materials and guidance under the Coaching/Volunteer/Paid Positions tab.  SMLA coaches and bench staff will require a Coaching Certificate via the OLA, paid for by SMLA.  All coaches and bench staff will also require a Criminal Records Check.



Q: Can we currently purchase any Screaming Eagles merchandise?

A:  Yes. All our apparel can be purchased via our On-Line Store.