Association Boundaries (Strathroy Minor Lacrosse)

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Like minor hockey associations, minor lacrosse associations are defined by boundaries established by the OLA. Players within these established boundaries must play for that association. Any player living within the municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc must play for Strathroy Minor Lacrosse.

Strathroy Screaming Eagles - any player who lives within the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc are property of Strathroy Minor Lacrosse.
London Blue Devils                - any player who lives within the Municipality of London are property of London Minor Lacrosse
Sarnia Pacers                         - any player who lives within the Municipality of Sarnia are the property of Sarnia Minor Lacrosse.

*  Any player who does not live in any of the above mentioned municipalities must play for which ever association's Municipal border they live closest too.  Please review the map below - Yellow is the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc and Purple is the Municipality of London. 


OLA Residence Rule:


A player who is eligible but resident in a municipality with no minor team in any group for which

he/she is eligible, shall sign with the club which is the next closest centre. The distance shall be

measured from the player’s residence to the two or more municipalities concerned, by the

shortest route (excluding toll roads) and by mileage shown on the search engine dictated for OLA

registrations for the current playing season. Such player must return to his resident municipality

the next year of play; at which time, should the club have no team for which he/she is eligible, the

player returns to the association with which he/she was previously signed and is considered

unconditionally released.

Still Unsure - If you are still unsure which association you are required to play for, please click on the following OLA link; Where Do I Play?

House League - There are no residency rules that apply to players wishing to play House League.  Players can play House League lacrosse with which ever association they prefer.