Exceptional Player Status / Request to "Move-Up" (Strathroy Minor Lacrosse)

PrintExceptional Player Status / Request to "Move-Up"


The rationale of an exceptional player request to "Move Up" is to provide players who display extraordinary skill and ability at an ‘elite' level to play up an age group provided they meet the requirements outlined below. This is the only mechanism allowing a player to "move up" an age group within the SMLA.

a. The applicant must be properly registered with SMLA and with their age group prior to the first scheduled practice or first scheduled tryout.

b. The player must be eligible by residence as defined by OLA boundaries for the SMLA.

c. A request to "Move Up” must be received in writing by the association president at least 1 week (7 Days) prior to the first scheduled practice or first scheduled tryout. 

d. Once the official request is received by the president, a SMLA Committee, made up of SMLA board members and in consultation with the coaches from each affected team will make the final decision to approve or deny the applicants request to "Move Up".  The applicant will be notified in writing of the Committee decision. The committee will not consider any requests to "Move Up" until registration is closed and prior to the first scheduled practice or first scheduled tryout. 

e. Many factors may determine the Committee's decision and may vary from year to year. But the most important factors determined by the Committee to approve or deny the request to "Move Up" are;
i) If the underaged player is not the top goalie or top 4 positional player on the older team. The request will be denied.
ii) If there are operational needs at the association level or either team involved.  The request will be denied.  Operational needs come before the needs of the player. Quality of coaching and quality of play are not acceptable reasons.