Refunds / Releases (Strathroy Minor Lacrosse)

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OLA Admin Fee
As soon as a player pays their registration fee, the Ontario Lacrosse Association collects $30 from that registration fee through the SportzSoft app. These OLA fees are non-refundable at any point after payment has been made, so any cancelled SMLA registration, regardless of reason, will be charged a $30 admin fee by SMLA.  

Complete refunds (100% minus the $30 Admin Fee) will be available if there are not enough players to make complete teams, or players are released from our Competitive Teams. Released players will be asked to report to our House League Teams (if available).  Complete refunds (100% minus the $30 Admin Fee) will be accepted up to two (2) weeks after the season starts for Competitive Teams and one (1) week after the season starts for House League Teams. 


Half a refund (50%) will be available if a player injures themselves within the first four (4) weeks of their Competitive Lacrosse Season and first two (2) weeks of their House League Season.

Season Start Dates
The season starts after each team's first practice.


Like minor hockey associations, minor lacrosse associations are defined by boundaries established by the OLA. Players within these established boundaries must play for that association.  A player can request a Release to play for another association, however, SMLA is a non-release center.  Releases will not be granted, except for extraordinary and exigent circumstances.  Those circumstances do not include quality of play, quality of coaching etc.. 

If a formal Release is received by SMLA; an in-person Release Hearing will be scheduled once SMLA determines the number of Release requests received by SMLA and the number of players registered for each SMLA team for that season. There is a non-refundable $50 fee for a Release Hearing payable to SMLA at the time of the designated Release Hearing.  After the Hearing , a decision will be provided in writing by the SMLA Hearing Board to the applicant.  If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the SMLA Hearing Board, the applicant can appeal the Release decision within 5 days to the Zone Director or League Commissioner.  All appeals must qualify under the OLA’s Appeal Process (OLA Operating Regulation 11.3(d) ) and must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee designated by the Zone and/or OLA.

It is up to the applicant to familiarize themselves with the OLA Release procedure. Reasonable Time is determined by the functional needs and operations of SMLA, not the applicant.  Please visit OLA for complete details. 

Releases are not required for House League lacrosse.